A Fly Fishing Tale – The Legacy of Alma’s Lodge by John Pehrson

Alma’s Lodge/Teton River Lodge/Teton Valley Lodge is an institution. it has always been a fly fishing camp and will always be a fly fishing camp. It is a place to come and get away from the tribulations and toils of the world. As you float down these majestic rivers and watch the wildlife and attempt to catch and release the noble trout, your cares, if only for a moment, drift away. Alma was a simple man with simple needs. his life was filled with joy because of his family, his religion, his clients, and his passion for fishing. I learned early on that no matter who owns Alma’s Lodge, and no matter by what name it is known, it will always be Alma’s Lodge. The owners of the lodge are only stewards of the lodge on behalf of Alma Kunz.